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I’ve been a raver for about 11 years and mixing for about 3 years however, my interest in dance music started around 1995 / 96 after hearing Josh Winks ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ and ‘I’m Alive’ by Stretch and Vern. I originally started off as a trance and techno head before discovering hard dance, then freeform and upfront UK hardcore. At around this time a few hardcore DJ’s such as Robbie Long and Luna-C were pushing a breakbeat oriented sound that touched on elements of DnB / Jungle and oldskool rave which lead to me becoming drawn to the sound of drum n bass. Attending oldskool rave nights such as Flashback @ The Que Club further introduced me to the breakbeat influenced rave sounds and jungle, as well providing a stage with which to see the more upfront sounds of DnB. After 3 years of sweaty bass ridden Tuesday nights @ The Tuesday Club in Sheffield I bought my first turntables and taught myself to mix. I can now be found mixing a variety of styles including; house, techno, breaks, hard dance, oldskool, hardcore and DnB – ranging from blissed out liquid vibes to stomping, grimey jump up...and anything in between! Catch me Sundays 6-8pm on
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