Modifications That Have Been Made To The Forums

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Modifications That Have Been Made To The Forums

Unread postby DJIJ » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:15 pm

Custom features That Have Been Added

You may of noticed some of these already but this if for those that haven't and people that have seen them but not realized they are custom.

The Black Theme On The Forums:
You probably guessed it isn't the default

A Few Custom Smiley's:
Not many have been added as of yet but more will come soon!

Profile Guestbook:
Allows you to leave comments on profiles with full formatting just like a topic post

Avatars on the member list:
Can be enlarged by hovering (In menu at top of board)

Allows you to receive notification of all posts made within the board. (Configure in your User Control Panel)

Who Was Here:
Keeps 48 hour stats visible at the bottom of the board about users visited

Numerous BBCodes:
Adding more features to your posts, like embedding soundcloud/mixcloud tracks, spoilers, etc.
These can be found above the text box when writing a new post, hover over them to see how to use them.
(Note these are buttons, you can press the appropriate button to insert the tag without having to manually write them in)
There is now a topic explaining most of these HERE

Favourites/Views/Followers Display In Topics:
Small display of favourites, views and followers above the the 1st post in a topic, allows you to bookmark/favourite/follow that topic and displays users accordingly

NEW!"LIKE" Feature:
Allows you to like replys/posts which will be featured on your profile, stats under your avatar on posts you've made and in the likes list ordered by popularity (In menu at top of board). The like button is located in the top right corner of a posts window. There is also Likes Toplist to show the users with the most likes/given likes (In menu at top of board)

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